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Our Process

What to Expect:

We will sit down with you and take the opportunity to get to know you, listening to your financial goals. Your meeting will include a review of your current financial situation along with identification of strategies to meet your objectives.

We have a "no pressure" approach. Our desire is to gain an understanding of your current financial situation and educate you on financial strategies. If we have products or services that we think will benefit you, we'll explain them to you. You are under no obligation. We have found that by educating our clients, they can make informed decisions and feel better about their financial situation.

What to Bring:

Below is a list of items you may bring to your appointment:

  • Driver's License or Picture ID
  • Most Recent Account Statements:
    • IRA and Brokerage Account Statements
    • Joint/Individual Investment Statements
    • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Statements: 401(k), 403(b), etc.
  • Pension Benefit Information
  • Social Security Statements
  • Tax Return (most current)
  • Life, Disability, or Long-Term Care Insurance Statements/Policies
    • (face amount, premiums, type of policy)
  • List of Assets and Liabilities
  • Any other items you feel would be helpful